America We Believe In You

Despite all the nastiness, bitterness, conflict and deception characterizing much of life in America today, many relatives, friends and I still believe in her.

Thus, I suggest We The People adopt AMERICA WE BELIEVE IN YOU as their manifesto .

It is the title of a song my wife Judi wrote about 9/11 and I have included some of its lyrics for you:


 Her vision: At once a memoriam to the victims and survivors of 9/11 and a call to

“. .  .  Go on; for Americans are strong .  .  . There’ll be a better world for everyone.

Reaching out for those who are suffering. We can all help some way.

Bless heroes and the missing. How courageous they were that day.

Brothers, sisters; a place of love. Hate – Prejudice; Gone.

Skies quiet above. America finds her new dawn.

See that sun shining through. There’ll be a better world for everyone

Can’t give up till it’s done. Whatever it takes, we will see it through.


Since that day of heartbreak, Americans have grown farther apart than at any time in our history save for The Revolutions of 1775 and 1861.

We need a dynamic response to the Heroes and Victims of 9/11 who sacrificed everything:

LEADERSHIP, rather than misleading sloganism, must engage and unify Americans to bring forth that “new Dawn”.

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